T É R E N C E   P I Q U E


384 black & white prints 10x15 cm
Variable dimensions

It was during a survey of the outskirts of Madrid, in the middle of a vast pre-urban desert that I fall on this necropolis. A field of empty tombs, abandoned to slow erosion. A field of holes that have nothing to say since archaeologists have passed. Like an anonymous land artwork which points out our absurd condition: a "memento mori" at the scale of the territory. And just make a photographic inventory of this variation of holes dug in the rock, without seeking either romanticism or scientific enthusiasm. Simply showing by the photographic flatness and perhaps questionning at the end the "viewer"

Project realized during a residency at Casa de Velázquez, Academy of France, Madrid :


Installation in situ at Ourcq blanc, Paris, France
Exhibition Prends-moi, Fanatikart - 05.2016